About Us

Greetings from Burnie, North West Tasmania. My name is Jonathan Clayman and I’ve been helping small business owners for some years with their websites via Quality Website Help.

I’ve noticed that many of the small businesses and work from home operators who ask me for help, have little else other than a Facebook page and websites simply aren’t on their radar.

Whilst looking at ways to help these operators the topic of promotional videos kept coming up and Cool Promo Video was born!

Getting a good ranking on Google these days is no mean feat and you can throw tons of money at search engine optimisation!

There are two main challenges that small enterprises face which are often underestimated or not considered when getting started with a website or social media.

Firstly, how is anyone going to find you? And if this isn’t frustrating enough, every time Google release their next algorithm update, you wait in terror to see whether all your hard work and expense was in vain!

Secondly, people underestimate many of the barriers involved in promoting their wares online and trust is a big one! You’ve only got a brief opportunity to get your visitor’s attention and getting them to trust you sufficiently to engage with you is not easy! After all, the internet is a faceless medium.

In the last few years, as high speed broadband has finally become a reality in Australia (ok, at least for many of us!) and with a close to universal use of smartphones, video content has very much come into its own. Video content has become popular because it provides you with an opportunity to engage with your potential customers in a more personal way to bridge that crucial trust barrier! Indeed, research shows that many people watch videos as part of their buying process and businesses are getting good returns on investment with video.

The other good piece of news is that when done correctly, videos are easier to get good rankings for on YouTube. Don’t forget that Google owns YouTube so a good ranking can also help your Google ranking!

Many people have asked us about it and what mainly stops them is confusion and high prices. We saw an opportunity to help small enterprises with short promotional videos for both Facebook pages and YouTube and decided to launch “Cool Promo Video” in August, 2018. Cool Promo Video removes all the confusion and difficulty from creating videos and our videos are highly affordable. We’ve made it a very simple process and just require a few items from you to create your videos. Take a look at some of our sample videos to see how great they look and sound.

We look forward to being of service and please contact us should you have any queries and also check out our detailed frequently asked questions for further information.