Have You Checked Out Content Samurai Yet?

Those wanting to get started producing their own videos often face a very daunting time. After all, there’s a lot to consider, including:-

  • Video creation and editing software which typically involves a large learning curve and can be very costly.
  • A camera which can capture video content.
  • A good quality microphone.
  • Access to a supply of stock photos, videos and music, which are all royalty free and can be used for commercial purposes.

When you are getting started the list feels endless and insurmountable. Many of the offerings we see have a confusing selection of plans, making it difficult to work out what they cost. Some of them are advertised as free and it takes some digging to work out what the word ‘free’ means.

In other cases, ‘free’ means that you can produce videos but they include a watermark of the software vendor that you cannot remove! Yes, every video you produce contains free advertising for the vendor which is not exactly ideal, is it!

After much research and frustration we found the application which we solely use to produce our videos. The name of the software is Content Samurai and it is produced by the same people who produce Market Samurai, which we’ve been using for years. OK, we might be biased since I’m Australian but they are just across the Bass Strait from me in Melbourne and speak the same language etc. Well almost! 🙂

Unlike many other video editing offerings, Content Samurai is easily affordable and does not have a confusing choice of plans. For just the one price, you have unlimited access to all functionality. There are no limitations whatsoever and it will cost exactly the same, regardless of whether you produce one video or 50,000.

We recently put together the video below where you can see Content Samurai in action. The video is 23 minutes in length and provides a detailed walkthrough of the software.

Content Samurai is a simple to use software tool which enables you to quickly and easily produce great looking videos. It also runs directly from your Google Chrome browser so there is absolutely no need to install any software whatsoever on your computer! You just login and get started.

All of your photos, videos and files are stored in the cloud, so you also don’t need to worry about losing work or wasting time searching for files that you are unable to find.

Content Samurai Review

We also put together the Content Samurai review video below, where we discuss both the pros and cons of using Content Samurai.

Unsure whether Content Samurai is the right software for you? To make it easier Content Samurai offer an unlimited seven day free trial. Yes, unlimited means exactly what it says.

  • You are also not put to the inconvenience of advertising the vendor via watermarks or advertising...
  • And you can also keep any videos you produce during the trial period forever, so why not to give it a try?

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