Why Start a Curated Video Newsletter?

In our most recent YouTube video, we discussed the topic of Curated Newsletter videos and how easy they are to put together and their many advantages. A curated video newsletter enables you to build a captive audience quickly sharing other creator’s content. Once you are set up and organised you can work to a schedule to produce your own curated video newsletter regularly with minimal time and fuss. We go into a lot of detail in this video and provide examples, so be sure to check it out. It is approximately 8 1/2 minutes in duration.

Intro Video

One of the topics covered in the video is the inclusion of a brief intro video. The intro clip is all about building trust, branding and repetition and needs to be brief. You can see an example here of one used by Digital Marketing Weekly.

When it comes to preparing your intro video, you have two main options. You can outsource it and get someone to make one for you via a service such as Fiverr or Upwork. You just need to ensure you vet previous work and any reviews/ratings to ensure you get what you need. These can cost anything from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Alternatively you can do this yourself, using online tools which is what we did for the Cool Promo Video intro clip which is shown in the curated video newsletter video shown above. As per usual with the internet, there are no shortage of ‘offerings out there and yes, many of them claim to be completely ‘free’ until you read the small print. Some, for example provide the tools to generate your intro and view it but you are unable to download or use it without paying their fee.

We use Intro Maker which we found simple to use. You simply choose the animation you want to use from more than 100 listed. You can see what the animation will look like for each one and all you need to do is upload your logo/image, pay the US$10 – $20 one-off fee (at the time of writing this, most designs are $10) and you will receive a link via email to download the final animation.

News Item

We also indicated in the video that we would include an example of a news item and here it is. We go into this section of curated video newsletters in detail in the video.

Google Search Console Now Flags Security Holes

In news this week, Google has announced the addition of a “security issues” option in their newly revised Google Search Console. Google will let you know if they find any security issues with your site such as malware, harmful downloads, hacked URLs and much more.

Security issues are also flagged that may cause harm to others such as Phishing, cross-site malware and SQL injections.

So don’t delay, log in to your Google Search console now and check that Google hasn’t found anything related to your site.

You just need to include 3-4 of these news items in each newsletter as outlined in the video and you’re good to do. For further detail on the six components of a successful curated video newsletter, please check out the full YouTube video.

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