Why Listicle Videos Get Results

In one of our recent YouTube videos I discussed the topic of listicle videos and their many advantages. Our brains like a list format and listicle videos provide viewers with a good way to absorb any information presented.

Be sure to watch the entire video. It is approximately 4 1/2 minutes in duration.

In the video, I mention providing some listicle video examples and these now follow.

Your Listicle Video Title

We begin with a title that is compelling, short and to the point. The inclusion of a number is always a good addition and of course it needs to peak the readers interest by coming across as of interest or of benefit to them.

This example is based on a title of 5 Simple Plumbing Fixes You Can Do At Home. A number of other title examples are included in the video above.

Listicle Video Introduction

The introduction is where you briefly introduce your listicle video topic, keeping it brief at somewhere between 1-3 paragraphs in length.

Here is the introduction I came up with.

We all know how plumbing problems can cause havoc around the home. There are many small plumbing jobs you can do depending on how comfortable you are doing your own repairs.

You will also need to ensure you have a good selection of tools to complete the tasks such as a selection of screwdrivers and an adjustable wrench. Before you get started, ensure you know the location of your main water supply and any stopcock valves round your home. Also make sure you are familiar with any regulations and whether certain tasks must be delegated to a suitably certified plumber.

So in this video we’ll show you 5 small plumbing repairs and upgrades you can easily do in your own home to save on plumbing bills and minimize your down time.

Your List

A listicle video is list based so the next step is to list these individual bite-sized chunks. Each item of your list is brief and only a few sentences in length. You need to come up with somewhere between 3-10 items to ensure there is sufficient content, whilst not overloading and losing your readers.

You list each item and then provide a few short sentences of detail. In this example one of my items would be #1 Blocked Drain and the detail would be as follows.

Taking preventative steps to ensure you keep your drains clear is as essential as knowing how to fix it! Avoiding the practice of putting food particles or grease down drains is an excellent starting point. A sink strainer will also prevent these items from entering the pipes in the first place.

If there is debris stuck in the pipes, then a basic plunger should be able to free the obstruction. Failing this you can try snaking the drain with a cable auger. Both of these are available for a few bucks at your local hardware supplier.

You then add other items from your list and repeat the process. For example, your second item could be #2 Toilet Flush issues.

You then finish with your call to action. For call to action suggestions check out the video on YouTube.

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