Our Services

Cool Promo Video produces short promotional videos in both YouTube and Facebook formats. We can help you with any of the following and please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more…

Keyword/Tag Research

We help identify keywords for YouTube videos with a good search volume and a ranking opportunity.

Video Production

We produce short promo videos that are sized either for YouTube or Facebook.

Video Title/Description Writing

We put together video titles and descriptions which are keyword rich and informative for your viewers.

Video Thumbnails

We design eye-catching thumbnails to get those all important clicks to ensure maximum exposure.

are you looking for Other reasons to add video to your marketing mix?

Here are some other compelling reasons to incorporate video:-

  • Over 70% of all web traffic now comes from video.
  • Videos posted on Facebook are shared twice as often as written or image based content.
  • YouTube has over 1 billion users spending on average 40 minutes per day viewing videos.
  • 83% of businesses felt that video marketing provided a good return on investment.
  • 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service, by watching a brand’s video.
  • 72% of people prefer to use video, to learn about a product, or service, when video and text are available on the same page!
  • The average time spent viewing a text only website, is 57 seconds, whilst websites with video, get 6 minutes!
  • Facebook has 1.44 billion users spending on average 41 minutes per day.
  • Tumblr has over 550 million users spending on average 34 minutes per day.