How to Create Powerful Question and Answer (Q & A) Video Ideas

In our most recent YouTube video, we discussed the topic of question and answer (Q & A) videos and how easy they are to put together and their many advantages. Question and Answer (Q & A) videos when done correctly will also rank well for SEO.

Whether they are looking to build an awareness on a topic, do research and comparisons or be ready to buy something, a well put together Q & A video will answer your viewer’s questions.

We go into a lot of detail in this video and provide examples, so be sure to check it out. It is approximately 6 minutes in duration.

What is the Answer?

One of the topics covered in the video is “What is the Answer”, which of course is the main content of your video which is answering their question! In the video, we provided several examples in the bedding category and here is an example of an answer to the question “Are waterbeds good for your back?”

“One of the main benefits of waterbeds is that they truly contour to your body and pressure is evenly spread on the mattress. Less pressure on a single area of your back benefits your spine health.

Some waterbeds also include the option of a wave or pulse function. This is designed to provide a small wave effect that provides a simulated massage effect.

Another waterbed function that can be beneficial for those with spine issues is a heating facility. This can help facilitate healthy blood flow in your spine, helping oxygenated blood reach certain areas in the spine, enhancing their health.

When considering a move to a waterbed, particularly if you have any history of back issues, we recommend checking with your doctor or specialist first. Also, make sure you try out plenty of waterbeds to ensure that they feel comfortable.”

The Conclusion

The Conclusion is an opportunity to restate the key points you made and then also repeat the question. This helps tie the video into a total package and should also give your SEO rankings a further boost. Here is an example.

“So, just to recap, the main benefits of waterbeds for your back are 1. The way they contour to your back. 2. The option of a wave or pulse function for a massage effect. 3. The option of a heating facility to assist blood flow.

I hope that answers your question “Are waterbeds good for your back”.”

For further detail on the five components of a successful question and answer (Q & A) video, please check out the full YouTube video.

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